Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. gets feedback from a homeowner

Today we received some exceptional feedback from a homeowner on one of our recently completed hail damage restoration projects. The homeowner asked that we share his experience with other potential customers. Please see below the unedited note from Thomas D. of Laurel, Maryland.

Dear Henry:

As you are aware my home and my new vehicle were damaged in a hail storm that struck Laurel, Maryland on August 18, 2011. At the time of the storm I had just made the first payment on my new truck. I was less than happy that the truck suffered damage so soon after the purchase. I immediately filed an auto insurance claim with Nationwide and got the hail damage repaired on my truck. I didn't move so quickly on the house because I didn't know what to look for and I didn't see any damage. In October after seeing a yard sign nearby I reached out to your company about having my house inspected for possible hail damage. My initial meeting was with Ray Whitten, Jr. your insurance recovery specialist. Ray quickly pointed out hail damage and explained to me the entire insurance restoration process. I thanked Ray for his time and decided I should spend some time researching your company before committing to anything. In speaking to neighbors and the BBB I found that your company has an excellent reputation and an A+ rating with the BBB. I didn't contact Nationwide until late December so any delays in getting my home restored were clearly a result of my own procrastination. This was the first homeowners insurance claim I have ever filed and Ray's guidance was very helpful. As soon as I filed my claim I notified Ray so that I could utilize Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. to restore my home. Ray and Chris came by my home within days to document the hail damage and have some papers signed. On January 10, 2012 Nationwide sent an insurance adjuster to my home to inspect and assess my hail damage. Ray and Chris assisted the adjuster during this inspection and all went well. Within days I had a report and a check from the insurance company to get the work started. Your office reviewed the report and found out that numerous items totaling several thousand dollars were not included on the report. I never would have caught these items without your company's help. A supplement went out from your office to Nationwide almost immediately requesting coverage for the items missing from the initial report. A few phone calls and emails later another larger check and new report were issued by Nationwide. Within days my new roof went on and "WOW" what a difference, it looks great. The following week my hail damaged garage door was replaced with french doors and they too look great. I had long intended to turn the garage into a gym and now it is happening thanks to your efforts. The next week brought out the siding crew who worked in very cold weather and through the weekend to complete the exterior makeover of my home. I should also mention that you personally stopped by my project several times as the work was in progress to make sure that all went well. I am grateful for your extreme attention to detail. To say I am thrilled with the work is an understatement. My house went from plain and drab to the nicest looking one in the neighborhood in a matter of weeks. I am happy to say that I have decided to move forward with your suggestion to use Nations Home Remodelers to replace the windows on my home which will be taking place in the next several weeks. I will not hesitate to recommend Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. to anyone in need of a contractor. You and your team have done an exceptional job and for that I am very thankful. Please share my comments with anyone who may benefit from hearing about my great experience with your company.

Thomas D.
Laurel, MD

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