Thursday, March 1, 2012

Roof Leaks may be a result of Wind or Hail Damage. Read this before you spend a dime on repairs!

As a Maryland homeowner your first inclination when faced with a roof leak may be to call a contractor and pay for repairs but you have a better option. You owe it to your home and yourself to have a no cost, no obligation storm damage inspection.

Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. of Beltsville, MD announces free storm damage assessment/inspection service for Maryland Homeowners. Beginning today a simple phone call to 301-847-8800 or 1-800-646-2846 will allow you to receive a no cost, no obligation hail and wind storm damage assessment usually within 72 hours. There is no cost to homeowners for the assessment and in most cases no one needs to be home. The summer of 2011 brought two (2) major hail storms to the Montgomery, Prince Georges, Howard, and Anne Arundel County areas of Maryland. If you live in the areas of Calverton, Beltsville, or Laurel in Prince Georges County, MD your home was likely impacted by hail between 1" and 1.75" in size on August 18, 2011. If you live in the Wheaton, Kensington, or Garrett Park communities or the Fairland/Briggs Chaney/Colesville area of Silver Spring in Montgomery County, MD your home was likely struck by hail between 1' and 1.75" in size on August 18, 2011. Homes of Upper Marlboro residents in Prince Georges County, MD were struck by hail between 1' and 1.75" on June 1, 2011. Homes of Anne Arundel and Howard County residents in Laurel, North Laurel, Maryland City and the surrounding area were struck by hail as large as 1.5" in size on August 18, 2011. These locations and dates are important to you if you live in any of the areas listed even if you do not have an active roof leak. Roof leaks are exactly what you can expect from a hail and/or wind damaged roof over time. Many Maryland Home Improvement Contractors install roofs and siding but few are trained hail and wind storm damage insurance recovery specialists like the team at Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. in Beltsville, MD. Hail damage is not easy to spot in its early stages and it is nearly impossible for a typical roofer to locate and document hail damage for your insurance company in a format that they will accept. Experienced insurance restoration contractors like the team at Nations Home Remodelers have years of experience documenting and assessing hail damage for insurance claims. Our insurance recovery expertise is unsurpassed by any contractor in Maryland. Your insurance company recognizes insurance restoration contractors like Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. and works with us to restore your home to its pre-damage condition. That roof leak you may be experiencing could be the result of storm damage and may cost you a lot less to address than you think. Don't put a bandage on a roof that should be replaced and don't spend money needlessly. You have likely been paying insurance premiums for years to protect your home. This is exactly the scenario where you should use the resources you have at your disposal other than your checkbook. Contact Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. today for a no cost, no obligation hail and wind storm damage assessment before you call your insurance company and file a claim. Many of your neighbors are receiving new roofs, new siding, new gutters & downspouts, and new metal trim on their homes as a result of our efforts for as low as the cost of their insurance deductibles. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If your home did not sustain damage we will tell you so at no cost to you. If you have damage we will walk you through every step of the process in getting your home restored to its undamaged state. Even if you don't see any damage it may be present as hail strikes on a roof lead to a premature failure of the roof which will ultimately lead to interior damage once the roof begins to leak. Contact Nations Home Remodelers now before further damage occurs for your no cost, no obligation assessment. With over 20 years in business and an A+ rating by the (BBB) Better Business Bureau, Nations Home Remodelers is the Maryland Contractor you can trust! Nations Home Remodelers can be reached by phone at 1-800-646-2846 or 301-847-8800. On the web we are located at or via e-mail at

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