Friday, December 2, 2011

Hail Storms in the last 2 years have wreaked havoc on the exterior of many Maryland homes

The past two years have been remarkable for the number and severity of hail storms in the State of Maryland. Hail is a tremendously damaging force when it comes to the exterior of Maryland homes. Roofing, siding, gutters, downspouts, and trim on the exterior of homes is easily damaged by hail and often this damage is not evident to the untrained observer. As the leading hail damage restoration contractor in Maryland Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. employs a team of uniquely qualified insurance recovery specialists to assess the exterior of homes for evidence of hail damage. The no cost, no obligation assessment includes a thorough inspection of the roofing, siding, gutters, downspouts, trim, and other soft metals on the exterior of a home. Experienced insurance recovery specialists write up a detailed report for the insurance adjuster who will be called in for an inspection once hail damage to a home has been verified. When dealing with hail damage it is extremely important in choosing a Maryland contractor to find one that has extensive insurance industry experience as the claims process can often be overwhelming to homeowners. Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. has extensive insurance recovery experience and offers assistance in the claims process based on this experience. Insurance recovery specialists will meet on-site with the insurance adjuster and point out the evidence of hail damage to make sure the adjuster doesn't miss anything. It is important to note that while Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. will assist as much as legally possible in the claims process of our customers we are not legally able to represent the homeowner which means the homeowner will play a vital role in any recovery effort. Only an attorney or a public adjuster can legally represent a homeowner with the insurance company and if necessary Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. will be glad to assist an attorney or a public adjuster with your claim. Obviously this is a last resort and usually not necessary. The extent of homeowner involvement is most often just several phone calls from the homeowner to the insurance company. Assuming all goes well at the initial adjuster meeting you are on the way to having your damages repaired. For more information about Maryland Hail Damage Restoration services visit our website Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. where you will also find complete information on our roofing, siding, windows, and remodeling services. If you are considering a home improvement, renovation, or restoration project for your home in Maryland give us a call today to find out why our customers say "Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. - Finally a Maryland contractor you can trust". We look forward to serving you!

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